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What is Glutathione?

Having strong antioxidant effect, glutathione is known as the youth elixir. It is an effective method which optimally protects and secures health. It eliminates and eases many diseases. The intravenous medication will take effect in a short span of time.

Glutathione is involved in many vital processes in the body including tissue building, repair, building chemicals and proteins needed in the body and the immune system’s regular working. Fighting against the toxic substances such as harmful chemicals and heavy metals in our body, glutathione is also necessary for healthy work of mitochondria which are the power plants of our cells. Besides all these characteristics, glutathione takes its actual power from the activation of the antioxidants in the body. It eliminates the toxic, carcinogen substances and turns them into healthy cells and protects our body from many diseases mainly including cancer without harming our cells and DNA.

What Is The Reason for Glutathione Deficiency?

  • Glutathione is naturally found in the body but it reduces with age. Diseases, toxins in the body lead to the reduction in the glutathione level. The reduction in glutathione in the body causes the wastes which are called free radicals to damage the cells.
  • Modern life’s unhealthy living conditions and malnutrition, toxic substances to which we are exposed in the urban life and the chemicals smelled, high blood glucose, high alcohol consumption, obesity leads to glutathione deficiency.
  • The amount of glutathione reduces due to the increase in the amount of toxin in our body as a result of environmental factors. The increasing amount of toxin in our body as a result of environmental factors will increase the glutathione consumption in the body. Eventually, the amount of glutathione will become insufficient.
  • Excessive anxiety, stress and depression in our daily life also reduce the amount of glutathione.
  • Excessive exercise and excessive sports during the day will reduce the amount of glutathione because it will increase the amount of free radicals in the body. Light workouts and sports will increase the glutathione level.
  • Night’s sleep is one of the most important factors to increase and maintain the level of glutathione. Sleeping late reduces the glutathione level.
  • Long exposure to cell phones reduces the glutathione level.
  • Use of computer and tablet at night, exposure to night lights reduce the melatonin level in the body. Eventually, glutathione level also reduces along with the reduction in the melatonin which is very vital for glutathione.


What Are The Symptoms of Glutathione Deficiency?

Glutathione deficiency brings about chronic fatigue signs, pale skin, excessive loss of strength in the muscles and joints in the body and slowing in the immune system.

Immune system has collapses in mid seasons. Glutathione reduces the level of these collapses in the immune system.

How Is Glutathione Treatment Applied?

It is applied in the form of intravenous serum under the supervision of the physician in a painless way in the clinical environment. Each session lasts about 10-15 minutes. The patient can continue their social life after the procedure.

Glutathione is not taken orally. It does not have any advantages when taken orally because it loses its effect inside the stomach.

Intravenous glutathione directly joins circulation with the blood and eliminates the free radicals in the body.

What Is The Ingredient of Glutathione Serum?

Glutathione consists of three amino acids’ combination.


It is the amino acid that makes protein synthesis. It prevents the destructions in the muscles. It protects the cellular structures. It repairs the muscles and reduces muscle pains. This amino acid is often found in the food supplements used particularly by those engaged in sports.


It is one of the simplest amino acids among those in the body. It is one of the most vital amino acids for the central nervous system. It is used as a treatment in the whole process emerging particularly in Epilepsy patients. Glycine prevents liver damage in people consuming too much alcohol. It contributes to creatine and collagen production.


It is one of the 20 fundamental amino acids within the body. It is an amino acid found in many foods including poultry, meat, garlic, egg and onion. Cysteine is also used in food industry as the flour treatment agent.

How Many Sessions is a Glutathione Treatment?

The number of session in glutathione treatment varies by the person’s age, body structure and health problems. The desired results are usually achieved in 6 sessions. It is recommended to apply glutathione treatment in a cure of 6 sessions (6 weeks) once a week every year in those who do not have any health problems.

Does Glutathione Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects or risks were observed after the treatment applied to eliminate glutathione deficiency. There are no proven side effects yet.

Who Cannot Have Glutathione Treatment?

It is one of the most vital antioxidants which prevent aging in the body but we cannot apply glutathione treatment on some patients. We cannot apply it on pregnant and nursing women because there is no sufficient scientific data on that. We cannot apply it on the patients who are taking chemotherapy and radiotherapy, either.

What Are The Benefits of Glutathione Treatment?

Glutathione serum treatment reduces the signs of aging as well as reduces the disease rate in the body. The benefits of glutathione for the body can be listed as follows;

  • It offers strong protection against many diseases mainly including infections (common cold, influenza, covid-19, etc.) because it is immune enhancing.
  • It takes away chronic fatigue and gives vitality because it cleanses the body from toxic substances and increases cell renewal.
  • It cleans the nicotine in the blood and reduces the side effects of smoking.
  • It reduces the oxidative stress in the body.
  • It is effective on the treatment of the circulatory system diseases.
  • It eases breathing and promotes the treatment of respiratory diseases. It helps relieve the symptoms of asthma patients.
  • It can be effectively used in autism treatment.
  • It is used in sleep apnea disease.
  • It helps the treatment of skin diseases including psoriasis.
  • It protects against tumor formation and cancer thanks to its antioxidant feature.
  • It plays an active role in the treatment of liver diseases because it promotes renewing the liver.
  • It is a procedure which promotes insulin resistance, thus diabetes treatment.
  • It is effective in woman’s and man’s infertility.
  • It promotes the treatment of Alzheimer disease.
  • It has positive effects on eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma.
  • It visibly reduces the signs of Parkinson disease.
  • It rejuvenates the metabolism thanks to its detox and antiaging features.
  • It is effective in fatty liver (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis).
  • It eliminates inflammation and strengthens muscles and joints; it promotes the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
  • It promotes the obesity treatment because it promotes the metabolic functioning.
  • It is a supporting procedure in the treatment for allergens.
  • It accelerates cell renewal and evens the skin tone. It renews and rejuvenates the skin.

What is The Price of Cyprus Glutathione Treatment?

The treatment prices vary by the number of sessions or dosage. Therefore, you should schedule a pre-visit with our physician and start your treatment based on the plan created.

To get information about Cyprus Glutathione treatment prices, you can contact us now.

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