Golden Needle (Endymed)


What is ENDYMED?

ENDYMED™ is a revolutionary skin treatment which uses radiofrequency technology to penetrate into the depths of the skin surface. ENDYMED is a nonsurgical procedure which naturally stimulates new collagen production for strong Skin Contouring and Tightening (STC) and Resurfacing (FSR).

ENDYMED is the most popular skin rejuvenating device because it is less interventional and painless. The device makes your skin look younger from exterior to interior.

Cyprus Medi Clinic is proud to offer highly advanced FDA-approved 3DEEP® ENDYMED treatments. 3DEEP radiofrequency technology heats the deeper skin layers and stimulates collagen production and reshaping. This leads to lifting, contouring and repair in the areas treated for visible changes on your skin.

What Are ENDYMED's Areas of Usage?

It achieves superior results in body tightening and shaping, active acne and acne scar reduction, traumatic wounds and ruptures reduction, fractional skin renewal, deep wrinkles reduction and skin tissue improvement.

How Many Sessions Are Needed For ENDYMED (Golden Needle) Procedure?

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It varies from person to person and it is usually sufficient to have 3-session application in one month intervals. It is made in every season both in women and men. It can be applied as a combined treatment with mesotherapy in wrinkle treatment.

How Much Time Does The Process Last?

The duration varies by the area of application. The Golden needle takes 30 minutes, Ifine takes 15-20 minutes and belly area takes about 20-30 minutes.

What Is The Price of ENDYMED?

Treatment prices vary by the area of application and by the number of sessions. Therefore, it will be useful to have a treatment plan created for you through a complimentary pre-visit with our physician.

You can call our center now to get price information about ENDYMED.


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