InneaAqua Youth Vaccine


What is InneaAqua Youth Vaccine?

It is a miraculous method which is preferred to give high moisture, elasticity and lifting to the skin through natural ways. The effect is immediately seen after the procedure. It is known as biological lifting, InneaAqua and youth vaccine. It is a reliable method preferred by those who want a natural appearance and do not want to have fillers on their skin. One can renew and repair their skin with this technique without having an artificial appearance.

What Are The Ingredients of InneaAqua?

It is the first and only biological lifting product in stimulating collagen synthesis thanks to the free and cross Hyaluronic acid and Trehalose in it. It is preferred in many age-related skin problems. Trehalose brings moisture to the patient’s skin thanks to its moisture holding capacity. Thus, the skin always stays bright.

On What Circumstances Is Biological Lifting vaccine Made?

  • Biological lifting is preferred in:
  • Saggy skins which has lost its elasticity,
  • Mimics whose effects have lost due to aging,
  • Wrinkled and saggy neck and low neck,
  • Lines on the sides of the lips,
  • Gaps in the cheeks,
  • Skin dehydration,
  • Lines and wrinkles on the hands.

What Good Is InneaAqua Going To Do?

InneaAqua Youth Vaccine is a revolutionary anti-aging procedure which offers several advantages for the skin in a single application. It is an effective biolifting vaccine which meets the needs of tightening, maintaining moisture balance, stretched skin look in a single session which lasts about 30 minutes.

InneaAqua is a practical and comfortable procedure which does not require any recovery period.

How Is InneaAqua Applied?

Biological lifting application procedure lasts about 30 minutes. First, the skin is cleansed and locally anaesthetized. The process starts after 15 minutes rest. 12 points are determined on the face, namely 6 on the left and 6 on the right side of the face. It is applied on the points by the injectors as needed. The result becomes quickly visible during the process.

On Which Areas Is InneaAqua Applied?

  • It is applied on the face in 6+6 points.
  • It is applied on the neck in papules.
  • It is applied on the low neck in papules just like the neck.
  • It is easily applied on the hands. 


When Does InneaAqua Have Its Effect?

It starts to show its effect during the procedure. Its effect continues up to 1 year after the 2nd session which will be applied about 2 weeks after the first one.

How Long Is The Permanence of InneaAqua?

InneaAqua procedure is applied in 2 sessions in 2 weeks intervals. Your physician might change your treatment protocol in some exceptional conditions.

We recommend 2 sessions to see a clear and more permanent result. It would not do any harm to have more sessions.

It can be repeated once a year to improve and maintain the current state.

Does InneaAqua Have Any Side Effects?

The treatment is safe and effective. There will be no severe side effects. It is suitable for everybody at any age regardless of the skin type. Some people might experience slight redness or swelling immediately after the treatment, however these side effects swiftly disappear.

It is not recommended to Pregnant and Nursing women or people with certain severe diseases.

Is There An Ideal Time For InneaAqua?

It can be safely done in any season.

What Are The Prices of Cyprus InneaAqua?

The price of Cyprus InneaAqua varies by the skin problems and the number of sessions. The price could vary by the severity of your skin problem and other procedures to be made together. You can call our clinic to get information about price and make an appointment.


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