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What is Paris Glow (NCTF 135)?

Paris glow is a powerful mesotherapy method that does not require operation, that restores a youthful glow to the face and that is among the anti-aging treatment methods.

Skin rejuvenation is almost on top of the today’s list of needs. Our skin loses its glow over time due to irregular sleeping hours, fatigue, stress causes by life’s hurdles, seasonal differences, aging, damaging effects of sun’s ultraviolet rays, smoking, not drinking enough water and malnutrition.

Fine wrinkles that are formed on our face due to damaging effects of cool air during winter months and due to harmful effects of the sun during summer months. Paris Glow is one of the best anti-aging methods used in our country for brightening and lifting our skin.

What Are the Ingredients of Paris Glow?

Paris glow injection which is a new cell rejuvenation treatment contains 59 refreshing ingredients including hyaluronic acid.

It consists of nutrients which are indispensable for having a smooth and beautiful skin. It contains hyaluronic acid that replenishes moisture; 12 vitamins that stimulate collagen synthesis and, as such, neutralizes free radicals; 24 amino-acids that help protein / elastin / collagen production; 6 coenzymes and 5 nucleic acids that stimulate metabolic reactions; 6 minerals that restores balance of cell metabolism and the components such as glutathione, polysorbate 80, glucuronic acid, glucuronic acid lactone, glucosamine and dextrose which fight against free radicals.

Getting this procedure performed at a professional center will help you have the perfectly smooth skin. It adds glow to the area where it is injected thanks to its rich ingredients. Restoring a more youthful and healthy skin will be a dream come true with Paris glow treatment.

Who is Best Suited for Paris Glow?

Paris glow is suitable for people with wrinkles on their skin, whose skin has lost its elasticity and with dry, dull and tired skin. Paris glow is an effective method of treatment which is applied specially to reverse the effects of aging, gravity and harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Both women and men can get this procedure done.

Where on the Body Can Paris Glow Be Injected?

Paris Glow treatment can be applied to areas which show signs of aging such as face, arm, neck, cleavage and under-eyes. It provides the body with minerals and vitamins required to restore elasticity and collaged the skin needs. It can be applied at any age, in any season and for all skin types.

How is Paris Glow Procedure Performed?

Special content that is prepared is injected into the areas that are chosen for treatment. The results of the treatment are visible immediately after the injection however they become fully apparent within a couple of days.

It does not prevent people from going back to normal life so much so that they can get this procedure done easily even during a lunch break. Nanosoft feature of the Paris Glow procedure ensures that the patient can go through the process comfortably without ever getting concerned about having bruises or edema. The procedure must be definitely conducted under the supervision of a physician.

What Effects Does Paris Glow Have?

Paris glow provides proven results after the fifth session. Glow has been enhanced by 144% in 88% of the cases. Moisture has been replenished by 132% in 83 percent of the cases, uneven texture has been smoothened by 52%, wrinkles have been eliminated by 33% and pores have been minimized by 59%.

The new formula, which brightens and refreshes the skin even at a single session as its name suggests, is a highly effective treatment method that is administered to fight against the effects of aging in cellular terms.

The application intervals of Paris Glow are as follows: 3 sessions individually performed at 15-day intervals and afterwards, 2-session procedure individually performed at 1-month interval. This plan has been observed to visible improve skin quality and reduce wrinkles which are signs of aging.

  • Stage 1 INITIATION

  • Stage 2 REPAIRMENT

  • Stage 3 STABILIZATION are the goals of the procedure.

We recommend maintenance sessions to be conducted once every 6 months in order to preserve the positive effect.

This procedure that enhances strength and radiance of the skin repairs fine lines on the skin and becomes visible within approximately two days.

How Much Does Cyprus Paris Glow Cost?

For further information about the prices of Paris glow, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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