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What Is Salmon DNA Therapy?

Recently, many therapy methods are developed to strengthen, renew skin structure. Salmon DNA vaccine is one of the most effective methods. Being quite popular, Salmon DNA therapy is one of the anti-aging methods in which pure hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides derived from salmon fish sperms are used for cell renewal in the skin. Salmon fish DNA is one of the best antioxidants.

It is commonly known as youth vaccine. It is commonly preferred as a quite reliable and effective method thanks to its quick vitalizing and rejuvenating effect.

It contains Salmon fish DNA. Salmon fish DNA has the DNA structure which is the most identical to human beings’ DNA. Therefore, when injected to the human being, Salmon DNA affects the DNA structure of the person and strongly stimulates the collagen production and usually further tightens and fills the skin in 3-4 months. It reduces the loss of collagen and lessens the wrinkles including eye contour. Each session, it strengthens the skin structure, increases elasticity and tightness, prevents damage from sunrays.

Salmon DNA method can be used alone as well as combined with PRP, botox and filler.

What Are The Benefits Of Salmon DNA For The Skin?

Salmon DNA has three remarkable benefits for the skin.

  • The first remarkable benefit is the extra moisture for the skin. Salmon DNA contains intense amount of hyaluronic acid. And hyaluronic acid is extremely useful in moisturizing the skin.
  • The second remarkable benefit is that it makes the skin look brighter, luminous and shining. This is thanks to the rich ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, inorganic salts.
  • The third remarkable benefit is the stimulation of collagen production. There will be visible improvement in the skin sagging.

How Is Salmon DNA Vaccine Applied?

Salmon DNA vaccine does not need general anesthesia because it is a painless procedure. Before the procedure, the area will be cleaned with an antiseptic liquid and locally anesthetized. There will be no pain thanks to local anesthesia.

Salmon DNA therapy is applied subcutaneously by fine botox needles. The process lasts about 20-30 minutes. Its effect starts the following day and the skin rejuvenates and tightening becomes visible.

Which Conditions Require Salmon DNA Therapy?

Salmon DNA youth vaccine can be applied on all patients regardless of gender and age. It is quite common mesotherapy method in eliminating skin problems because it can be applied every season and it is a practical method.

Salmon DNA therapy is required in many conditions. In general, these include;

Salmon DNA therapy is applied in:

  • The treatment for black spots, acne spots on the skin,
  • Correcting the skin structure which deteriorates due to changing hormones in menopause,
  • Skin problems which occur as a result of irregular medication usage and side effects of some medications,
  • Skin glowing loss due to high stress,
  • Reducing the cracks on the skin after pregnancy or weight loss,
  • Improving the hands which wear out due to aging or heavy labor,
  • Eliminating sagging on the inner arm and the knees,
  • Reducing Mimic lines settled,
  • Eliminating orange peel appearance on the skin,
  • Giving moisture to too dry skins,
  • Treatment of wrinkles on the skin due to aging,
  • Giving moisture, brightness, glow to dry skins which need moisture,
  • Treatment of acne scars,
  • Reducing dark circles under the eyes and illuminating under-eye,
  • Treatment of the wrinkles on the neck, low neck and the hands and rejuvenating these areas,
  • Eliminating body cracks.

This procedure is cell renewing and salmon’s milk prevents skin sagging. It reduces loss of elasticity and lessens wrinkles including eye contour and it completely eliminates these wrinkles in time. This procedure is a clinically proven and highly effective protocol.

Salmon DNA procedure prevents radiation damage on the skin and brings smooth, healthy and brighter skin.

Who Cannot Have Salmon DNA Therapy?

Salmon DNA youth vaccine is a skin rejuvenating method which can be usually applied on everybody. However, in some cases, Salmon DNA Vaccine should be avoided. These conditions can be listed as follows;

Application is not recommended in the following patients:

  • Diabetes patients,
  • Patients with the history of embolism and stroke,
  • Patients with blood coagulation disorders,
  • Patients heart diseases,
  • Pregnant and nursing women.


Where Can Salmon DNA Be Applied?

Although it can be applied on any area on the skin which needs moisture, we usually apply it on the forehead, face, eye contour, neck, hands and low neck. It brings glow to the eye contour and it substantially eliminates aging signs.

In Which Season Is Salmon DNA Applied?

It can be applied in every season on all skin types. It notably protects the skin from sunrays if applied before the summer.

How Often And How Many Sessions Should Salmon DNA Therapy Be Applied?

The therapy duration and the number of sessions for Salmon DNA therapy is determined based on the skin analysis made by your physician.

Salmon DNA procedure is usually applied in 4-5 sessions, every 14 days. The number of sessions and the time between the sessions can vary by the skin condition, the patient’s age and the purpose of the procedure. Longer sessions can be applied at later ages and worn out skins. You will be feeling the change and shine on your skin after each session.

When Will Salmon DNA Take Effect?

Salmon DNA therapy takes effect after 3-4 sessions. The increase in the improved collagen production in the skin actually continues after the completion of the therapy. In order to increase the effective duration, it is important to repeat the therapy by one session 1 year after or 1 session every 6 months  after the completion of these 4-5 sessions.

What Are The Things To Be Taken Into Consideration Before Having Salmon DNA Therapy?

Before the date of procedure;

  1. Quit blood thinners,
  2. No alcohol consumption,
  3. Avoid things that would peel or sensitize the skin such as rubbing or peeling,
  4. Avoid the use of the creams containing glycolic acid,
  5. Protect the area from the sun and use sunscreen,
  6. Do not apply makeup on the date of thereapy.

What Are The Things To Be Taken Into Consideration After Salmon DNA Therapy?

Youth DNA vaccine has no harms on the human health. It has also been proven by the studies that it does not pose the risk of allergy. However, there are things to be taken into consideration after the injection process.

  1. Blood thinners should be avoided after the therapy.
  2. It is quite important to protect the skin from sunrays after the therapy. You should definitely go out by putting on a reliable sunscreen.
  3. Things that would peel the skin should be avoided before and after the therapy.
  4. It is quite important to avoid physical contact and water contact with the area so as to prevent any allergic reactions.
  5. No sports allowed during the first 24 hours.
  6. Avoid too hot bath, Turkish bath, sauna, solarium, and too hot water in general to make hyaluronic acid’s life longer.
  7. Quit or minimize smoking and alcohol habits.
  8. It is useful to apply ice to reduce potential redness-bruising complaints after the therapy.
  9. Drink plenty of water.

What Are The Side Effects of Salmon DNA Therapy (Youth Vaccine)?

Having no risk for the health, the therapy does not have any severe side effects.

You do not need to suspend your daily life during the therapy because it does not lead to any scars or symptoms. However, in some cases, sensitive skins can develop small redness, itching, feeling of burn, edema and needle tip related bruising. This is not a severe problem and such redness and bruising will disappear in a half day.

What Are The Prices of Salmon DNA Therapy?

The price of Salmon DNA therapy varies by the skin problems and sessions. You can contact us now to get information about Cyprus Salmon DNA therapy.


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