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What is Baby Botox?

As the name suggests, Baby Botox is a type of Botox characterized by small doses of Botox injected into your face. It is also known as Hollywood Botox or Celebrity Botox. Only low-dose Botox is injected so that you do not lose characteristic features of your face but it relaxes muscles and reduces muscle contractions. It is a method that is used to reduce mimics slightly and smooth fine lines.

Baby Botox promises to smooth fine lines like the original, but with natural looking results and without preventing mimic movements. In this procedure, both the areas where Botox is injected are changed and the dosage is adjusted differently from classical Botox.

It is injected carefully into the facial muscles with an operation that lasts approximately for 15 minutes. The results of the injection are visible within 1 to 2 days on an average. While baby Botox helps you get rid of facial wrinkles, it restores a natural-looking youthful glow without preventing mimic movements.

On Which Facial Areas Is Baby Botox Used?

All of the areas on which traditional Botox is used are also among the targeted areas of baby Botox. Wrinkling at the forehead and around the eyes, frown lines (vertical lines between the eyes), crow's feet and horizontal lines on the forehead can be treated with baby Botox. However, as it is applied in a way that does not prevent mimic movements, it does not aim to smooth wrinkles by hundred percent. If the patient desires to have a perfectly smooth forehead with all of the wrinkles completely eliminated, they must prefer traditional Botox.

What are the Advantages of Baby (Minimal) Botox?

It is a fast, easy and safe method. It does not require any surgical operation and it is a convenient method that is applied through injection. It is completed within approximately 10 to 15 minutes. It does not pose any risk of infection, wound and scar. Patient can go back to their social life without giving any break.

It is a procedure that can be performed immediately during every season and day, that helps you get rid of lines completely but its effect is temporary.

Who is Best Suited for Baby Botox?

People who have wrinkles on the upper one third of their face and who wish to reduce them slightly while also desiring not to lose any mimics and aim for completely natural results are best suited for baby Botox.

Who Should Not Get Baby Botox?

Being over 18 and not having any skin disease are important criteria. In our center, we do not apply Botox or filler to pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

In case of baby Botox to be injected around the eye, it is prominent that patient does not have any eye disease. Baby Botox cannot be used on people who have any muscle- and vessel-related disease, who has thrombocyte problem and who regularly take anticoagulant (blood thinner) drugs. Women and men, who do not have any of the above-mentioned conditions can get baby Botox safely.

Which Points Must Be Considered After Baby Botox Procedure?

There are some rules patients must pay attention to within the first 24 hours following baby Botox injection. They should not be in overheated environments such as Turkish bath and sauna and not take a bath on the first day following the treatment. They should not get face massage or make sure that pressure-compress is not applied onto the site of injection. It is recommended that they refrain from doing exercise (going to a gym, Pilates studio etc.) for the first 24 hours. Make sure that you do not lie on your stomach on the first night. It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol for the first 24 hours following baby Botox. As alcohol is categorized into the group of blood thinning substances, it increases the risk of bruises and edema after baby Botox.

What Are the Differences Between Baby Botox and Regular Botox?

The most significant difference between baby Botox and regular Botox is the results and permanence. As baby Botox does not block muscles fully, the results last approximately 1 month less than that of the regular Botox, which means that it must be repeated more frequently.

The results of both procedures become visible within 3 to 10 days. Both practices restore a youthful glow and freshness to the face while rejuvenating and brightening it.

As regular Botox blocks mimics, the forehead movements are restricted more. Baby Botox does not cause any mimic loss. However, youth-restoring effect of regular Botox is higher. The forehead-tightening, almond eye effect and brow-lifting effects are more prominent in regular Botox. In other words, while baby Botox ensures a more natural-looking appearance, regular Botox provides stronger results. Therefore, first of all the expectation of the patient must be identified very well before Botox injection and the procedure must be performed after that.

Does Baby Botox Provide Permanent Results?

None of the Botox procedures provides permanent results. All of Botox procedures require repeat injections. While Botox procedures were recommended to be renewed once every 6 months in package leaflets couple of years ago, it has been reduced to once every month in the leaflets of new drugs. It means that the strength of new drugs has been decreased. And that enables results of regular Botox to look highly natural.

The permanence of Botox procedures is as follows in our center. Botox starts to lose effect gradually 3 months after the procedure; however, its effects are still visible until the 5th month. A repeat injection is recommended within the month 5 to 6. It is certain that genetic features, speed of metabolism, smoking or not smoking, nutrition and stress are very important factors that have a role in determining how long Botox lasts. While its duration is as short as 3 months for some patients, it can extend to 9 months or even 1 year in others.

How Much Does Cyprus Baby Botox Cost?

Baby Botox pricing is customized in line with the number of areas where Botox will be injected and the dose of Botox to be injected. We can determine the price after we design a customized plan in the first examination by analyzing patient’s face and skin texture. Getting appointment from our center for each session and procedure would be enough.

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