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Eyebrow filler procedure is performed to reshape eyebrows the form and position fof which change with age. Eyebrows which are among the most important factors that affect facial aesthetics make the face more meaningful and define the expression.

Eyebrow filler is preferred by both women and men.

The features and shape of eyebrows are a part of a person’s characteristics. Therefore, although change in shape of a person’s eyebrow does not have any adverse effect on their health, it causes them to feel worse mentally. Aesthetic problems of the eyebrows, which also affect the appearance of eyelids negatively, can be eliminated through eyebrow filler. Eyebrow filler which enables eyebrows to look younger easily without any surgical intervention make your eyes look healthy, vibrant and dynamic.

Every woman wants the end of her eyebrows to be slightly more lifted than normal and every. Filler that is injected under the eyebrow lifts eyebrows and add them volume.

What is Eyebrow Filler?

Aesthetic reformations performed around and in the center of eyebrows are named as eyebrow filler. Eyebrow filler is injected under the eyebrow in order to lift them make the patient have eyebrows with high arc. Moreover, fine line problems that occur in years and make you look tired can be solved through eyebrow filler procedure.

Eyebrows with low arc make the person look tired, sad or older than they really are. Eyebrow filler helps you get rid of sad-looking eyes and enable you to look young and dynamic.

How is Eyebrow Filler Procedure Performed?

After the site of application is cleaned, the area is numbed with topical anesthetic cream. After it takes effect, the point where the hyaluronic acid-based filler will be injected into the skin is identified by use of a thin pin needle. Then the filler is injected by means of a cannula. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. The patient can immediately go back to normal life.

Eyebrow filler procedure that is performed to lift the eyebrows can be applied in order to make the patient have curved eyebrows if s/he desires.

kas dolgusu kibrisWhat are the Risks of Eyebrow Filler?

The area around the eyebrows and the eye are among the most sensitive areas of the human body. Eyebrow filler lifts eyebrows and make them look curved. However, it is important that this procedure is performed very carefully as the site of application is a sensitive part of the body.

The greatest disadvantage of eyebrow filler procedure is that it is not permanent as is the case with all of the filler procedures.

If the filler is over-injected into the eyebrow area, it may make the person look expressionless. As that would be a big problem for the patient, it is really important that the procedure is performed by a professional expert.

Which Points Must be Considered After Eyebrow Filler Procedure?

If you want the eyebrow filler procedure to produce good results, you must also make sure that you do what is required to do. Cold compress is a very effective method used to formation of swelling and edema.

The complaints of swelling and edema generally vanish within a week. The time period required for edema and swelling to go away may vary depending on the patient’s body type. Patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Topical anesthetic cream is applied before the eyebrow filler procedure just in case for people who are sensitive to pain.

Patient must refrain from massaging or rubbing their eyebrows for a certain period of time after the eyebrow filler procedure. It is also recommended that eyebrows are not plucked for at least 6 to 7 days.

What is the Substance that is Contained in Eyebrow Filler?

The active substance of the filler is Hyaluronic Acid. It is naturally found in our body. It can be taken in from food products, food supplements and skin care products. Hyaluronic Acid is preferred to shape and improve aesthetic appearance.

Is Eyebrow Filler Permanent?

As is the case with all of the fillers applied on the face, eyebrow filler is not permanent either. It lasts around 12 months. Such duration may change from person to person and it is adversely affected by smoking and drinking alcohol.

How Much Does Cyprus Eyebrow Filler Cost?

Eyebrow fillers are among the filler procedures that are performed at the most affordable prices. Eyebrow filler is cost-effective procedure as the site of application and procedure is minimal and it is performed within a very short period of time.

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