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Jawline filler that helps the face look more proportionate and makes the person more attractive has recently become one of the trendiest and most popular procedures.

Jawline filler which is known as mandibular aesthetic procedure or aesthetic procedure of the chin is a popular filler method that is preferred by both men and women. Gel that has a soft form is injected as a filler and it fills in the angles of the face ideally.

As men desire to have a strong chin that makes them attractive and helps their face look aesthetically pleasing, they prefer the most ideal method which is jawline filler. One of the reasons why jawline filler is preferred is it is affordable.

The appearance of the jawline is one of the most important factors of golden ratio of the face. Small jawline, big jawline, asymmetrical jawline, jawline that is too round detract from beauty of the face. Jawline filler procedure consists of aesthetic touches which are effective temporarily and for which dermal fillers are used.

Jawline filler procedure is performed in the jawline area and enables contouring of the line that starts from edge of the chin to the tip of the same.

As the jawline is contoured and reshaped through the filler procedure, asymmetrical appearance is eliminated, the patients looks more attractive and as the jawline complements beauty of the face, patients looks chic, aesthetically pleasing and charming.

Which Aesthetic Problems Are Treated with Jawline Filler?

Jawline filler is used to correct chin deformities. The most common chin deformities are lack of volume, receding chin, large chin, less defined jawline, crooked chin and jowls (double chin).

Chin deformity causes disproportion between neck and face. As a very small chin does not complement the face, facial features become less defined. Chin deformity also causes neck skin to get wrinkled in time and jowls to occur. Some of our patients prefer dermal filler to get rid of chin dimple. All of these chin deformities can be eliminated with jawline filler. The problem of asymmetry on your face can be solved by getting dermal filler injected into the tip of your chin so that you can look younger, more attractive and perfect.

Which Filler Material is Used for the Jawline?

The most effective filler material for the jawline is hyaluronic acid (HA). Thanks to this filler which consists of hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the body, chin deformities can be corrected. Hyaluronic acid-based filler method enables you to preserve the improved appearance of your jawline for 16 to 18 months. This filler material which poses the lowest risk of allergy is pretty safe. Filler procedure must be performed definitely by physicians who are specialized in this field and patients must inquire the brand and quality of the filler.

How is Jawline Filler Procedure is Performed?

Before the procedure is performed, the sites where the filler will be injected are identified and marked. Then topical anesthetic cream is applied to numb the area and reduce the sense of pain. The chin is cleaned with antiseptic solution. Fillers which are opened specifically for the relevant patient are injected in small amounts into the points along the jawline. This procedure contours and reshapes the area by filling in the skin. Consequently, jawline becomes more defined. Dermal filler injection helps sagging skin on the jawline look suppler so that this area appears younger.

kibris cene dolgusuHow Long Does Jawline Filler Procedure Take?

Topical anesthetic cream that is applied before the procedure is kept on the skin for 30 minutes to ensure numbing of the area. Filler injection procedure is completed within 15 minutes. Patient can resume their normal activities immediately after getting jawline filler injected without needing any rest.

It is normal for some redness to occur after the jawline filler procedure. You can see minimal swelling and redness. It disappears within a couple of hours. Starting from day 3, your jawline will begin to look natural and alluring.

Within the first 24 hours following the procedure, you should not apply pressure on the site of application, you should not wear make-up and you must make sure that it does not contact water.

How Many Sessions Are Required for Jawline Filler Procedure?

Jawline filler is a single-session procedure. Filler can be injected additionally in the follow-up session if it is required at no extra charge.

When Do the Jawline Filler Results Become Visible?

Jawline filler results are immediately visible. Slight edema and small bruises may occur during the first days depending on the application; however, they pass within a short period of time. They can be easily covered with make-up during such time.

How Long Does Jawline Filler Last?

Jawline filler generally lasts for 1,5 to 2 years. Dermal filler, that contains hyaluronic acid and is injected into the skin, is gradually absorbed by the body. At the end of such period, jawline looks as it used to look before the procedure.

Approximately 20% of jawline filler remains under the skin. Therefore, it starts to last longer as the procedure is repeated. Although it changes depending on the need, jawline filler must be repeated once a year.

Does Jawline Filler Have Any Harmful Effects?

As jawline filler is made of quality materials and applied by specialized and professional people, it does not have any harmful effect.

How Much Does Cyprus Jawline Filler Cost?

As jawline filler procedure is a small but important touch that defines facial features, patients are recommended to get it done by experienced physicians.

As Cyprus Medi Clinic, we provide you with professional applications at the most affordable prices. For further information on Jawline Filler prices and all of other inquiries of yours, please do not hesitate to contact us on telephone numbers of our clinic or our WhatsApp line.


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