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What if we say it is possible to have smoother, more stretched and brighter skin while also genetically intervening the aging process… It is not the destiny but it is in your hands to control your youth with BBL ForeverYoung, a FDA-approved new generation light therapy!

How can we control aging process? Until today, your nutrition, smoking-alcohol use, stress and exercise history have been variables that could be intervened, however your genetic structure could not be intervened. Having superior light technology, BBL ForeverYoung machine has managed to intervene the genetic dimension of aging.

In the skins treated by ForeverYoung BBL, about 1000 RNA could be renewed and the gene profile of the young skins was reached. RNA renewal means reducing wrinkles and blemishes, treatment of visible capillary vessels, further rejuvenating and tightening the skin.

Having been used in the USA and Europe for years, this method met you as a brand new antiaging method with supplementary procedures at Cyprus Medi Clinic.

What is BBL ForeverYoung?

bbl forever young

BBL ForeverYoung is a safe, comfortable and effective aesthetic treatment method which addresses aesthetical problems that occur in the skin due to aging or other reasons through the use of BBL (BroadBandLight) Laser.

During the treatment, the target tissue responds the absorbed thermal energy without damaging the surrounding tissue. BBL laser is called Forever Young because it is featured as the only machine observed to change visible signs of aging.

BroadBand technology is a flashlamb technology which filters and strengthens the light on the basis of the effects of the light on the living creatures. Studies done in Stanford University prove that BBL technology rejuvenated the genetic material of the skin.

BBL is not only effective on a certain skin problem but also provides treatment options on every layer of the skin by using several filters between 400 and 1200 nanometers. The treatment is tailor made. It allows treatment in the blemishes, capillary vessels and loss of elasticity. The wavelength is determined based on the person’s skin type and skin problems to be treated.

Having been developed by filtering the harmful parts of the light and taking the useful parts of the light, this method remarkably improves the DNA structure and affects the RNA structure which is effective in collagen production. It increases the production of collagen which reduces as we are aging and causes skin aging. Genetic studies found that more than 1000 genes were renewed at clinic results.

BBL is FDA-approved treatment technique which stops aging.

OPERATION TIME 1-1.5 hours
NET RESULT 2-3 weeks
REPEAT TIME 4-6 session
WARNING Sun protection required
NOTE Continuity is very important

Can BBL ForeverYoung Stop Skin Aging?

People who obtain desired results with BBL ForeverYoung treatment can apparently stop skin aging if they continue to have this procedure once a year. This was proven with clinic studies.

The patients who regularly have BBL ForeverYoung treatment for 10 years demonstrated 8-15 years younger looks, healthier skin. This 10 years’ analysis involved people who looked almost younger than the start time of the treatment.

Who Can Have BBL ForeverYoung Treatment?

  • Those having pigmentation problems such as sun and age spots
  • Those complaining about loss of elasticity in their skin
  • Those looking for an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles
  • Those desiring a brighter, shinier skin
  • Those having capillary vessel problem in their skin
  • Those desiring to maintain youth for long
  • Those desiring younger, smoother body
  • Those desiring to even out their skin tone
  • Those with active acne complaints

Who Cannot Have BBL Procedure?

BBL For Ever Young procedure is safe and comfortable but we cannot apply it on some patient groups for medical reasons.

  • It is not suitable for persons who have tanned skin due to sun or solarium.
  • It cannot be applied if the person has open, infected wound on their face or body.
  • It cannot be applied on Pregnant and Nursing women.
  • It cannot be applied on persons taking blood thinners.


On Which Parts of the Body Can BBL For Ever Young Be Applied?

BBL treatment is an effective treatment which puts a smile on one’s face as it reverses the signs of aging on the face, neck, low-neck and hands. It can be applied on every part of the body with the signs of aging including belly, arms and back.

How Is BBL ForeverYoung Treatment Applied?

Persons visiting our clinic for the conditions leading to aesthetic concerns and diseases are primarily examined by our physician to clearly determine the problems encountered. A treatment plan is created thereby deciding on how BBL ForeverYoung treatment will be applied in tailor made.

Prior to BBL ForeverYoung treatment, the areas on which the procedure will be applied are cleansed by an antiseptic solution. Your eyes are protected by safety shields or glasses. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and ultrasound gel is used to make BBL Laser beam more effective on the skin. Applied by the filters which are custom-selected according to the skin problem and skin structure of the person, BBL Laser is swept on the whole problematic area for an appropriate time.

Is BBL Procedure Painful?

Although it is in high energy levels due to the cooling applicator of the BBL technology, the procedure is almost painless. However, there can be feeling of heat.

How Long is the Recovery Period after BBL Treatment?

It is very significant to follow the physician’s treatment plan immediately after the treatment. Slight redness is normal on the skin following the application and this recovers in a few hours. The blemishes and spots on the skin might appear to be darker in 7-10 days following the procedure. These darker spots will eventually form a scab and pour out and then get lost and apparently fade.

You will be vulnerable to sunrays after the treatment; therefore you should avoid direct sunrays until it completely recovers. You should fully cover your skin and put on a first-class sunscreen while you are outside.

You do not need to get rest after the procedure. You can continue your daily life as usual after the procedure.

How Many Sessions Are Needed for the Procedure?

The number and duration of sessions varies by the skin problems and requirements of the patient. It is sufficient to have 3-6 sessions with 1 month intervals. The sessions are 15-60 minutes and they vary by the type of treatment applied. It is recommended to have another cure 1 year after the completion of your custom selected treatment cure so that the positive effects of the treatment can continue. Let’s say you had one BBL cure, i.e. 4 sessions. The session intervals are 1 month, thus the cure lasts 4 months. You can have another cure after 8 months’ break.

Your physician can combine your treatment with other popular aesthetic procedures in order to optimize your results if deemed necessary.

Can BBL Be Applied in Summer Months?

BBL treatment can be applied four seasons, however; it can be applied during summer months on condition that sunscreen is used. Spot treatments are not recommended during summer months.

Is There An Age Restriction For The Treatment?

There is no age restriction for the treatment. BBL ForeverYoung is not a standard beauty care. This anti-aging procedure is the best investment on the skin for everybody. It can be applied on both women and men with almost all skin types.

What Are The Things to Take Into Consideration After BBL Spot Treatment?

  • Relieve the area by ice compression at certain intervals in the first 24 hours.
  • Do not expose the area to water; do not take a shower on the first day.
  • Do not aggressively rub the skin, do not apply massage and avoid impact.
  • Avoid cold and hot water during the time stated by your physician; cleanse your skin with warm water.
  • Men should not shave in the first week in the procedures applied on the face.
  • You should avoid makeup during the time stated by your physician; you should avoid the use of acne creams, odor lotions and soaps.
  • Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating.
  • Avoid too hot places including sauna, Turkish bath; do not visit the places with the risk of infection such as swimming pools.
  • Avoid direct contact of sunrays on your skin in the first week after the procedure.

What is The Price of Cyprus BBL Forever Young?

BBLFor Ever Young is a procedure which involves multiple treatment options in it. It offers several treatment options including skin blemishes, redness, fine lines and skin rejuvenation programs. Face and body pricing are different. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a standard procedure and pricing when it comes to BBL.

The price will be shared with you by our team according to custom selected therapy protocol that is determined during your complimentary pre-visit with the physician.

To get detailed information about the procedures and make an appointment you can reach Cyprus Medi Clinic at +90392 365 55 56 or 0 (533) 831 1030 or our social media accounts.

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