Visia ® Skin Analysis

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What is Visia®  Skin Analysis?

We use Visia ® Skin Analysis system at our Cyprus Medi Clinic. Thanks to this system, the 3D photo of the cleansed and no make-up face is processed in the system and all skin problems are determined. Offering an effective process in revealing skin problems, Visia skin analysis procedure offers advanced level of skin analysis.

From the photos, we evaluate the pores, porphyrine levels, wrinkles, sun and aging spots in the upper and lower layers of the skin, capillary vessels and overall skin tissue and register them in the system.

We give detailed information and create customized therapy protocols for the patients under the supervision of a doctor to mention the recommended therapies and products.

How is Skin Analysis Made by Visia?

Visia is a 3D digital analysis and screening device. First of all the patient’s skin is cleansed. It is important not to have any makeup or care product on the skin while making the analysis in order to obtain the proper results.

There is a place where you can put your head and chin on the device. Here, you put your face. And then, the digital analysis starts. The screening is made by several rays and wavelengths in it. Thanks to the high quality 3D photos, it gives maximum accuracy with the same position at every shot.

After screening, skin problems in any part of the face are reflected on the screen and saved in a digital image. The exact place, intensity of the problem is indicated in detail by colors in the image.

After the analysis, the specialist doctor checks the images and determined the problems. According to the intensity and state of the problems determined, a custom therapy protocol is scheduled for the person. All of the procedures are determined according to the skin problems found as a result of the skin analysis. After the analysis, you can easily see any blemishes, wrinkles, sagging, and dirt in your skin.

Some skin blemishes are not easily visible in day light. It is quite easy to see those blemishes in the sub layer of the skin thanks to Visia skin analysis device. The images obtained at the end of the analysis helps determine the skin problems which might pose problems in the future.

Moreover, Visia skin analysis helps determine the person’s age, how to protect that age and creams to be used. Visia skin analysis is a quite convenient, short procedure which has no risks for health.

What Does Visia Skin Analysis Evaluate?

Visia skin analysis gives clear information about the pores, estimated age of the skin, red and brown blemishes, wrinkles, skin tissue, color balance, collagen amount, percentage of UV spots, aging potential of the skin.

Any porphyrine and bacteria causing acne are determined in the pores. It shows the redness, brown blemishes and wrinkles clearly.

What Are The Advantages of Visia Skin Analysis?

  • Thanks to this procedure, a custom therapy can be scheduled according to the person’s skin.
  • The results form a basis for the patient’s evaluations in the future.
  • All progress can be constantly monitored.
  • Daily cleansing product use is determined according to the person’s skin structure.
  • The sub skin capillary vessels’ locations are determined to erase them more effectively.
  • The depth and largeness of the skin blemishes are determined and the method is selected accordingly.
  • Botox and filler are considered for the wrinkles and 3D result is shown and the amount and thickness of the materials are decided.
  • It gives a chance to compare the person’s skin age and real age. The skin age is reassessed and the effectiveness of the procedure is determined.

Can Visia Skin Analysis Be Made Before Filler and Botox?

Making Visia skin analysis before filler and botox helps determine the depth and progress of the wrinkles, sags and fine lines. Thus, suitable filler and botox dose can be clearly determined for the skin during the procedure. 

Does Visia Skin Analysis Have Any Side Effects and Risks?

During Visia skin analysis, nothing is applied on the skin, only determinations are made for any skin problems by 3D rays. Therefore, it does not have any side effects or risks.

Visia Skin Analysis Prices in Cyprus

Visia skin analysis is given free of charge during the pre-interview with the doctor at our center. To get more information about Visia, you can contact Cyprus Medi Clinic at +90 392 365 55 56 or 0 (533) 831 10 30 or through our social media accounts.

After taking an appointment, the staff and specialists at our clinic will answer all of of your questions about Visia skin analysis.


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