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Nutrition and Diet Consultation

Nutrition is a behavior that must be conducted consciously in order to protect and improve our health and life quality and to ensure that we take sufficient amount of nutrients, that the body needs, at the right times. Eating randomly just to get full and suppress hunger results in unbalanced and unhealthy nutrition and that, in turn, leads to several diseases. Insufficient intake of some foods or complete lack thereof causes deficiency of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function properly and it may lead to many different health problems while overeating and eating an unbalanced diet result in overweight and increased visceral fat.

What Points Are Taken into Account While Drawing Up a Diet Plan?

If you want to stay healthy while reaching your healthy weight, you must follow a diet plan drawn up by a professional dietitian. Faulty plan that has been designed for someone else or which have not been designed specifically for you can cause you to experience many health problems. A healthy diet plan has to consist of nutrients, that are the building blocks of the body such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals and must provide the body with the energy it needs. Most importantly, such diet plan should not be restrictive. A diet plan that can be diversified without committing to a single nutrient makes sure that the diet is not boring and is therefore sustainable.

The following factors are taken into consideration while drawing up a healthy diet plan;

Gender, age, height, blood test results, medical condition, nutritional habits, metabolism speed and physical activity level of the person who wishes to lose weight.

Besides that, considering factors such as the person’s life style, financial conditions, working conditions, which medicines she takes and their doses, whether s/he has followed another diet plan before, the reasons why s/he wants to lose weight and the targeted weight helps customize the diet plan and makes it feasible and sustainable.

As Cyprus Medi Nutrition and Diet Department,

We offer service in the fields of;

  • Healthy and Permanent Weight Loss,

  • Customized Diet Plan,

  • Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation,

  • Childhood Nutrition,

  • Nutrition for Athletes,

  • Nutrition for Patients with Diabetes,

  • Healthy Weight Gain,

  • Nutrition for Patients with Gastrointestinal Diseases,

  • Nutrition for Patients with Eating Disorders,

  • Nutrition After Operation for Obesity,

  • Corporate Menu Planning

  • Intermittent Fasting Diet

  • Online Diet

Please do not forget to consult with our nutrition specialist and get your regular check-ups if you want to achieve or maintain your healthy weight, eat and live healthy.

Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle.

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