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Plump cheeks make the face look more attractive and aesthetically more pleasing. Thin and sunken cheeks make a person look older than they really are.

By getting cheek filler injected, you can have a face that looks more attractive and younger.

Both women and men can use the benefits of getting cheek filler procedure performed and as such, have high cheekbones.

Filler procedure, that make you look younger, is not a surgical operation. This procedure does not require any skin incision and does not require any stitching either. Therefore, cheek bone filler procedure is the right choice for those who do not prefer non-operative methods.

What is Cheek Filler?

Our cheeks are the most important features of our face as they give the shape of V to our face that is positioned on both cheekbones. Cheek filler is a procedure of filling, lifting and rejuvenating that is performed in order to shape cheeks by means of some filling materials.

Which Substance is Used for Cheek Filler Procedure?

The substance that is preferred the most for cheek filler procedure is Hyaluronic Acid. As hyaluronic acid is compatible with the skin and does not have any harmful effects, it is used without any concern both in our country and on the world.

As hyaluronic acid is in complete harmony with the body of the patient who gets the procedure done, hyaluronic acid-based solutions are preferred for the face fillers in general or for nose filler, cheek filler and lip filler individually.

Who is Best Suited for Cheek Filler Procedure?

Cheek filler can help patients in the following conditions:

  • Those with sunken, saggy or thin cheeks
  • Frequent gain or loss of weight and having sunken cheeks and generally in the central point of the face due to heavy stress,
  • The desire and need to have a V-shaped face after the age of 30,
  • Loss of volume on the face due to any chronic disease,
  • Feeling the need to lift the face up,
  • The need to get rid of sunken eyes and under-eye dark circles.

How is Cheek Filler Procedure Performed?

  • Hygiene is of utmost importance. Therefore, it must be ensured that cheeks are clean. Cheeks are rinsed with tonic just in case. Any dirt and make-up is removed.
  • Topical numbing gel is applied before the filler procedure.
  • Topical numbing gel prevents the patient from feeling any injection-related pain because of the cheek filler procedure.
  • Filler is injected under the skin by use of extremely thin needles.
  • The procedure does not require the patient to rest in clinical environment or at home.
  • Patient can go back to normal life immediately after the procedure.

Are the Results of Cheek Filler Permanent? 

The results of the Cheek Filler are not permanent. The quality of the filler used, patient’s lifestyle, age, the speed of the patient’s metabolism, eating habits and the patient’s skin type are the factors which determine how permanent the results of filler procedure will be.

While it changes from person to person, the cheek filler lasts from 6 to 8 months.

When the filler begins to lose its effect, losses of volume start to occur on the cheeks. In such case, filler can be repeated without any need to wait any longer and rest.

Repeat filler injections help the results last longer and, as such, it enables the person to get the filler injected at longer intervals.

When Does the Effect of Cheek Filler Become Visible?

Filling and lifting effects of filler procedures are immediately visible while its repairing effect can be seen over time.

Does Cheek Filler Cause Any Pain?

This procedure does not cause any pain. Topical numbing cream is applied on the area where the filler will be injected before the procedure starts so that the patient does not feel the pain of injection. Patient can go back to normal life immediately after the procedure.

For Whom Cheek Filler Procedure is Contraindicated?

Cheek filler is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding women.

Which Points Must Be Considered After Cheek Filler?

After the cheek filler procedure is completed, it is disinfected again and antibiotic ointment is applied by us.

  • Patient must make sure that the site of application does not contact water for 12 hours.
  • Compress or massage should not be applied on the said area for a week and patient must refrain from strenuous sport activities.
  • Patient must make sure that nothing hits their cheek area after the cheek filler is injected.
  • After the procedure, patient must pay attention to hygiene rules and cosmetic products should not be applied on the site of injection.
  • Patient must attend the follow-up appointment at the time prescribed by the physician.
  • In case of any symptoms of extreme pain, redness on the site of injection or paleness after the filler procedure, physician must be informed immediately.

How Much Does Cyprus Cheek Filler Cost?

The pricing of the cheek filler changes depending on the amount of filler to be used and the size of the site where the filler is injected. You are kindly requested to contact the clinic for detailed information.

You can have plumper cheeks with a procedure that lasts only 15 minutes. Please do not hesitate to call us for further information about the cheek filler performed to make people look both younger and more attractive.

You can call us instantly for getting appointment.

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